Because double D’s are just NOT big enough…

So readers have you heard? DD’s are no longer big enough. Ladies (and Gentlemen) of the world take note – you have been warned, an ample DD size simply no longer makes the cut. Well that is at least what one lads’ mag has claimed in their latest edition…

Ah the ‘lads’ mag’ the magazine that advertisers would lead one to think that any self-respecting ‘lad’ would possess in abundance. Secretly tucked away all sticky paged under his mattress/ under that one creaky floorboard in his bedroom/ at the bottom of his wardrobe or even rolled up and stuffed into a pillow. “Why?” I hear you cry -“what is the issue with the beloved lads’ mag?” Well simply because they offer a misogynistic (extremely photo shopped) and shit view of females.

And how do I know this? Have I consulted my secret stash? No, instead I purchased two of these ‘leading’ magazines earlier today in order to conduct some research. I would have purchased the real ‘hard-core’ stuff on the top shelf (wink wink) however being a mere five-foot and having small tyrannosaurus rex style arms worked against me once again.

So what is the big fuss? Well these magazines place a large focus upon females as purely sexual objects there to be viewed and consumed by the reader. The overtly sexualised images plastered across the front cover, alongside the provocative promise of further such images inside the publication seeks to reinforce the negative attitude that society holds towards women. Interestingly, the women featured in both publications have all adopted a similar pose – grabbing their breasts with either a perfected smile worthy of a dental advert, or a dazed mouth half open look, or as what I have evaluated to be the ‘how did I get so naked?’ look. These images of females in a state of willing and compliant undress seek to imply that women are constantly sexually available. Not only does this send a harmful message to the reader, but also to anybody over the height of five foot who can walk past and see this image.

Our reading habits serve as a reflection of our society and unfortunately the female nudity featured in these magazines seeks to suggest that this is an accepted view of females today. These magazines predominantly target a young male demographic and the front covers hold promises of ‘massive boobs’ and more explicit photos inside. Yes that’s right – a magazine actually stated that there are only ‘massive boobs inside.’ Aside from that headline being laughable due to the reduced imagination and low IQ level of whoever actually constructed it – it also touches upon a darker topic. Such magazines seek to drive an image of sexual desire towards their reader and dictate what is considered attractive. By featuring a certain body shape and breast shape these magazines are dangerous not only for the wider society – but also to their readers whom they seek to create a template of how a female should look, act, and most importantly what her favourite sexual position ought to be.

Now I am not against female sexuality, nudity or even the half dazed ‘how did I get so naked?’ look. But what I am against is the fact that these magazines have suggested to those who pose for it, send in pictures via Twitter or reveal their ‘naughty confessions’ the falsehood that this is somehow empowering for them? These females appear to be in control of their personal freedom because they are choosing to strip, however what ‘victory’ has been gained in their freedom of expression? The rules of the game, and the arena in which they are playing in is not equal. Instead these ‘victories’ suggest that ‘massive boobs’, a slim frame, heavy makeup, big hair and sexual discussions equates to success and attractiveness in our society today. By posing in such publications they have become objects of desire in a patriarchal society that is only valuing them based upon their breast size and looks. Rather than empowerment, these females (whether consciously or not) are instead reinforcing the misogynist viewpoint that women are to been seen not heard, useful only to be sexually conquered and not valued for their intelligence and professional achievements.

Now I am not calling for an absolute abolition of the lads’ mag. But what I am calling for is a change in content. Interestingly, women’s magazines do not portray such damaging images of men, and even if there was a naked male in one, I doubt a female reader would pay much attention. The content needs to be changed, as it is not only damaging towards women, but also to the men who readily consume it.

And finally, to the males out there who do possess a stash of such magazines…seriously what is the obsession? It is only a pair of breasts, and quite frankly your obsession, and the magazines obsession is creepy, and extremely Freudian. They are just breasts. Get over it. Recognise females for more than the two lumps that we have on our chests.


Until next time…x