So we’ve all heard of subscription boxes right? Well if you haven’t it’s basically a genius way to get a delivery of products picked at random by a group of experts in that field.

Usually popular boxes consist of things like healthy snacks (looking at you Graze) and beauty samples from companies such as Birchbox.

Aside from a brief flirtation with Graze boxes I’ve really had much of an interest in them. But this all changed when I discovered that there is a subscription service for HOT SAUCE.

Obvs I’m a massive fan of the spicy stuff, and I’ve detailed my love for all things hot in a post I’ve done for Metro where I’ve outlined confessions of a hot sauce addict.

Apparently news spreads quickly around the online hot sauce community and the folks over at were aware of my obsession and were kind enough to send a box my way.

The brown cardboard arrived with a hint of flames and a warning that hot contents were awaiting me. So far so good.

I opened the box to discover a range of spicy products carefully packaged in shredded paper to ensure that they didn’t suffer any injuries on their way.

The box contained the following: South Devon Chilli Farm Chilli Chocolate, Dragon’s Blood Hot Sauce, Ladle and Larder Chilli Chutney, Chilli Wizards Insane Ghost Pepper Nuts, Crushed Ghost Pepper Chilli Flakes and grow my own chilli kit.

From the selection my favourite was the chilli chutney. The flavour was subtle with a tangy edge of spice and worked really well with sea salt and black pepper crispbreads and some basalmic vinegar cheddar.

The Dragon’s Blood sauce looked scary to begin with, but the flavour was definitely more fruity and worked really well to accompany a garlic and herb flatbread.

A watch out is the peanuts! They were positively lethal and I probably should have tried just the one rather than popping five into mouth right away. This is recommended just for the die hard spicy fans.

For sweet tooth fans there was also chocolate involved. I’ve only ever tried dark chilli chocolate, so this milk chocolate variation was nice. Not too overpowering, but a subtle enough with a chilli taste right at the end.

With a name like ‘Ghost Pepper’ the chilli flakes are definitely not for the faint hearted but are a great addition to a pizza – just make sure it’s only a few at a time.

The idea behind the speciality box is that it contains items which aren’t available in traditional retailers, so don’t expect to see any of these in your local supermarket. Extra information is included on all suppliers featured, so you always have the option to view more of the range and discover a few more favourites.

Another great touch is the addition is the hot sauce journal which lets you document your taste experiences – I’ve definitely popped mine in my handbag.

It’s clear that the box is for those that have a passion for hot sauce and are looking to expand the items on the spicy shelf in the kitchen, but also makes as a great gift for anyone who is a fan of trying new exciting things.

At £15 a box it’s totally worth it, and way cooler than receiving a healthy food box in the post.

Check out their website for further details, and they’ve also got a fantastic referral scheme in place. Just make sure you have a glass of milk ready for when the box arrives 🙂



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