#EverydaySexism and #Shoutingback

Growing up in an inner-city area of Birmingham I can proudly state that I have experienced my share of sexist comments, harassment, abuse and even rare attempts of groping – this by the way always ends very badly for any individual who thinks that my body is something which can be touched without my consent or permission.

So anyways, instead of feeling ashamed of my own colourful experiences with these unknown mysterious and socially challenged perpetrators of misogyny I instead wear the badges of my past incidents with pride. Why? Well simply because I refuse to feel shame due to the behaviour that others have displayed towards me. I refuse to question my actions or hide these incidents in which I like many other females (and males) have been a victim of.

Today I have come across something that has pissed me off, pissed me off more than when I realise that I have been shitted on by a rebellious low flying bird. A tirade of angry abuse was directed towards a wonderful female who has campaigned and raised awareness for equality in all aspects of society. She was branded ‘insecure’, ‘inferior’, a ‘sad bitch’, ‘ugly’, in need of ‘a good smashing up the arse’ and those like her were also branded as ‘men hating lezzas’ and later on ‘vicious radical feminists’.

Now as inventive and new as these insults are (heavy sarcasm) it did make me question as to why these types of insults are heard continuously from the mouths (in this case typed by two very insecure boys behind the security of a computer screen) of those who promote and practise misogyny.

‘Ugly’. U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi…you get the picture right? Ugly is a hot favourite term for all those wishing to express a hatred towards females. First of all to the males out there who use this term…let me tell you a secret. Being called ‘ugly’ does not actually bother us! Just because you call us ugly, does not mean that we are.

Furthermore in instances when you tell a female that ‘you’re fucking ugly anyways’ after she has rejected your advances/sexual harassment – you my friend look like an absolute dick. If a female is so ugly – why did you target her? You have never spoken to her, you targeted her based on her physical appearance and once you are ignored or rejected you declare her to not be physically pleasing to your perverted eyes?

So for future reference when you call me or other females ‘ugly’ could you kindly clarify exactly what you mean by ugly? Are my eyebrows too hairy? Do my armpits need shaving? Or simply does my moustache offend you?

‘Men hating lezzas’ Lezza! Dyke! Lesbbiiiiiiiiiaaaaannn. Ah these classic insults. Whether a female is trying to campaign for equality, raise awareness on issues that need addressing or quite simply decides not to give her attention to a male why does it always seem like a good idea to question her sexuality? And basically declare that just because she does not want your penis, she obviously must not want any penis at all? This is simply a defence mechanism in the face of rejection or for those who feel threatened by females asserting their beliefs. My heartfelt apologies to all those who practise misogyny and if declaring a female a lesbian is your insult of choice I have rumbled you! Do you really think that females are embarrassed to be called lesbians? Is calling a female lesbian the only logical explanation to her not being sexually attracted to you? Or for God forbid wanting some equality? So here is another secret…this does not offend us, but instead highlights the fear held by misogynists that their penis is in fact useless. And also FYI, lesbians do not hate men.

‘Good smashing up the arse’. First of all…Freud would have a field day deciphering this insult. Secondly this was arguably the most troubling insult out of the tirade of abuse that I read earlier. Why oh why is there a need to assert sexual dominance over women a favourite reply from those with misogynistic views? Just because females would like some equality and respect does not mean that we have gone insane as a result of not receiving the all-great male penis.

So believe it or not getting a ‘good smashing up the arse’ will not end world hunger, stop poverty, make me into an Olympic worthy athlete or stop others or me from campaigning for equality and pinpointing the inequalities that are present in society. So for all you misogynists out there – how about YOU instead take a good smashing up your own arse?

Those who campaign for equality or speak out about the harassment which they have received are not ‘insecure’ or ‘inferior’. Shouting back and exposing elements of everyday sexism or campaigning for change is nothing to be ashamed of, it does not make you into a ‘lezza’ or somebody who hates men or in need of good smashing up the arse. But instead the titles of ‘insecure’, ‘inferior’ and ‘ugly’ should be solely reserved for those who spread messages of misogyny and hate, and never to those who attempt to bring forth change for the better.

So from a ‘vicious radical feminist’, until next time…


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