So we’ve all heard of subscription boxes right? Well if you haven’t it’s basically a genius way to get a delivery of products picked at random by a group of experts in that field.

Usually popular boxes consist of things like healthy snacks (looking at you Graze) and beauty samples from companies such as Birchbox.

Aside from a brief flirtation with Graze boxes I’ve really had much of an interest in them. But this all changed when I discovered that there is a subscription service for HOT SAUCE.

Obvs I’m a massive fan of the spicy stuff, and I’ve detailed my love for all things hot in a post I’ve done for Metro where I’ve outlined confessions of a hot sauce addict.

Apparently news spreads quickly around the online hot sauce community and the folks over at were aware of my obsession and were kind enough to send a box my way.

The brown cardboard arrived with a hint of flames and a warning that hot contents were awaiting me. So far so good.

I opened the box to discover a range of spicy products carefully packaged in shredded paper to ensure that they didn’t suffer any injuries on their way.

The box contained the following: South Devon Chilli Farm Chilli Chocolate, Dragon’s Blood Hot Sauce, Ladle and Larder Chilli Chutney, Chilli Wizards Insane Ghost Pepper Nuts, Crushed Ghost Pepper Chilli Flakes and grow my own chilli kit.

From the selection my favourite was the chilli chutney. The flavour was subtle with a tangy edge of spice and worked really well with sea salt and black pepper crispbreads and some basalmic vinegar cheddar.

The Dragon’s Blood sauce looked scary to begin with, but the flavour was definitely more fruity and worked really well to accompany a garlic and herb flatbread.

A watch out is the peanuts! They were positively lethal and I probably should have tried just the one rather than popping five into mouth right away. This is recommended just for the die hard spicy fans.

For sweet tooth fans there was also chocolate involved. I’ve only ever tried dark chilli chocolate, so this milk chocolate variation was nice. Not too overpowering, but a subtle enough with a chilli taste right at the end.

With a name like ‘Ghost Pepper’ the chilli flakes are definitely not for the faint hearted but are a great addition to a pizza – just make sure it’s only a few at a time.

The idea behind the speciality box is that it contains items which aren’t available in traditional retailers, so don’t expect to see any of these in your local supermarket. Extra information is included on all suppliers featured, so you always have the option to view more of the range and discover a few more favourites.

Another great touch is the addition is the hot sauce journal which lets you document your taste experiences – I’ve definitely popped mine in my handbag.

It’s clear that the box is for those that have a passion for hot sauce and are looking to expand the items on the spicy shelf in the kitchen, but also makes as a great gift for anyone who is a fan of trying new exciting things.

At £15 a box it’s totally worth it, and way cooler than receiving a healthy food box in the post.

Check out their website for further details, and they’ve also got a fantastic referral scheme in place. Just make sure you have a glass of milk ready for when the box arrives 🙂



Ah so it’s Easter aka a 4 day Bank Holiday weekend. Joy.

My Easter weekend last year consisted of drinking too much, being tucked up in bed by midnight and losing my glasses. Then popping down to Tesco Express in my pjs to purchase some Lindt bunnies.

The heating had also broke in my house and I was forced to visit my gym to shower. Peasant lifestyle.

Every Easter Bank Holiday weekend I vow to make the most of it, and to control my chocolate cravings yet this is what really happens…


REALITY: tumblr_lwkorxugpp1r69opoo1_400

No matter what you try to do, it is inevitable that you will sleep too much, and hate yourself on Tuesday when you get back to work for not making the most of your time.

2. “I’m going to monitor my chocolate consumption and spread out my Easter Eggs.”

REALITY: chocolate

You will eat all Easter Eggs in one sitting, and either vomit or poo yourself. Maybe even both?

3. “I’m going to watch all those special and important documentaries about nature and stuff on BBC 2.”

REALITY: netflix tv

Why would you watch something about nature when you can watch Catfish all weekend?

4. “I’m not going to get stupidly drunk and then spend the rest of the time hungover…”

REALITY: go-home-you-are-drunk-36

This is you precisely 23 minutes after leaving work on Thursday.

5. “I’m going to go to Church on Sunday.”


You wanted to go, you really did. But between the hangover and the Catfish marathon you couldn’t bring yourself to get out of bed. And of course you justified it with this golden nugget of Homer Simpson wisdom.

6. “I’m going to make an Easter feast from the Waitrose recipe section.”

REALITY: Gordon-Ramsay-Meme

You wanted to try that amazing recipe you really did. Then you remembered that you are shit at cooking and instead plod down to the chippy and get a kebab. Sorted.

7. “I’m going to book a last minute trip to Europe.”

REALITY: blackpool

You wanted to book that trip to Barcelona so you could plaster it all over your Instagram. But you failed, and instead you find yourself in Blackpool, in the rain and contemplating throwing yourself off the pier.

8. “I’m going to spend quality time with my family…”

REALITY: family time

Your intentions were good, until someone decided to organise a family Monopoly tournament. There is nothing like Monopoly to make you realise how annoying everyone you are related to truly is. As a result you end up spending the Bank Holiday weekend in separate rooms.

9. “I bet by Monday night i’ll be so rested for the week ahead!”

REALITY: tired

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! And Happy Easter!

Dating in general confuses me.

But what is even more confusing are ‘dating guides’ – those annoying little tid bits of information written by ‘love experts’ (read unpaid interns) telling the general population how to perform a funky ritual in order to get someone to mate with you. Joy.

Today is a normal Sunday (minus a hangover – YAY) and I’ve come across an interesting ‘dating guide’ in The Metro which tells all those with a vagina what they ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SHOULD NOT DO ON A FIRST DATE.

So obvs I read with baited breath to learn what I shouldn’t be doing and I was disappointed. The article smacks of stereotypes and bullshit. Instead of covering actual important things like:
• Don’t accidentally kill your date.
• Don’t try to use your Blue Peter badge to get money off the bill.
• Don’t bring up that one time you stole money from the schools Children in Need collection.


The article can be found here and it contains 17 life changing points but I’ve picked out my top 10 and given my version of advice.

1. Article says: “Don’t laugh at our joke if you don’t find it funny. We can tell and it makes us feel worse.”

I say: If his joke is shit, tell him it is shit. In fact tell him that it is SO SHIT that you’ve been to funerals that were more amusing.

2. Article says: “Don’t mention your parents. We don’t want to have to consider the terror of meeting your dad until at least date three. It really is a scary prospect for us so give us time.”

I say: Harp on about your parents CONSTANTLY. Bring up the time your dad punched the ice cream van man for not giving you a flake in your ice cream.

3. Article says: “Don’t lose your feminine side. We all love a bit of banter but we are attracted to you because you’re a woman so trying too hard to be one of the lads can be a bit off putting.”

I say: firstly LOL. Secondly who doesn’t love a bit of BANTZ? Anyways I reckon you should talk about the monster poo you had before you came on this date. Then discuss in length your bowel movements, and the time you were ill in Egypt and shit yourself in the desert on an excursion. YOLO.

4. Article says: “Please don’t spend more of the date on your phone than with me. Although we have expected that you might want to Instagram your meal.”

I say: Explain that you’re on your phone because you’ve hacked your ex-boyfriends iCloud and you are seeing what his exact location is, so you can determine who is having more fun right now.

5. Article says: “Don’t spend ages being overly glam. There is such a thing as too much make up. The majority of us prefer the natural look and nothing is as sexy as confidence in your own skin.”

I say: Seeing as there is a focus on the ‘natural look’…show up in your onesie, hairy legs, greasy hair, no bra and with baked beans sauce dried around your mouth.

Also please Mr Article Writer make us feel bad for wearing make up. It’s a choice we do for ourselves, not to impress you.

6. Article says: “Don’t tell us to order what we feel like then get a salad from the starters after we’ve just asked for a rump steak. It’s ever so awkward.”

I say: Order whatever you like, in fact order one item of everything on the menu. Then confess loudly how you are 100% having a massive poo when you get home.

And actually what I find ‘ever so awkward’ is a male writer assuming that females will go for a meal and order just a salad? Presumptuous much?

7. Article says: “Don’t think it’s sexist that we offer to pay the bill. We genuinely are trying to be nice and gallant and not trying to undermine your gender. You can pay next time.”

I say: No thanks, I wouldn’t want the salad that you ASSUME I will order to push you into your overdraft.

8. Article says: “Let’s not have sex on the first date. Many guys claim it’s what they want but those of us looking for a relationship want to get to know you (ALL of you) slowly and enjoy every savouring moment.”

I say: What is wrong with sex on the first date? You could go your separate ways after 1 date or 100 dates. Sex isn’t the determining reason, and you’re a dick if you think it is.

Also please don’t write things like this because whether you wish to admit it or not you are just passing judgement on women who are making a choice about their sex life, or sex-capades as I like to call it.

9. Article says: “Don’t ask us about our previous girlfriends. If they were so important at this time, they’d be sitting opposite us. This date is all about you.”

I say: Bring a notepad and ask for details on every single ex, and then confess that you will spend the evening after this date stalking them on Google and Twitter.

10. Article says: “Don’t be afraid to give a compliment (but only if you mean it). We like someone mentioning our appearance too.”

I say: Tell him he looks like your ex – and then show him how you’ve pinpointed his location on your phone.

Hope you enjoyed the dating advice…let me know which one you prefer!

1) This is a common screen on your phone:











2) This is your God. Watch him and gain comfort that your life isn’t as bad as you think:








Image –

3) This is your new bank:










4) This will be your sole source of creativity – absorb it and learn all it has to offer:










Image – Slide Wardrobes Direct

5) Your days will either be spent speaking to recruiters with a fake cheery disposition or contemplating a drastic lifestyle change:








6) You promise yourself you will wake up at 7.30am to get ahead with applications – instead you are seduced by this saucy minx:

Bed Blog post









7) The pain when an employer outlines a salary that not even a peasant could live on:






Image – Cover Junction

8) When you make a spelling mistake in a Covering Letter and realise after its been sent:

Regret (1)










Image – Cover Junction 

9) Your reaction when friends think you shouldn’t attend after work drinks because you don’t have a job:









Image – The Core Reader

10) Your biggest obstacle in getting a job will not be your degree, your work experience or that D grade in GCSE Spanish but this:








Hang in there, you’ll land something soon. If not, the tribe is always on the look out for new members.

UnLearn 101


So recently I ordered ‘Unlearn 101: 101 Simple Truths For a Better Life’ and apart from being a great read it’s packed with thoughts to make you feel what all good books should…happy.

Check out my top ten, and I bet you will find at least one quote from the list below to make your day better…

  1. “Focusing on yourself is really one of the least selfish things you can do.”

  2. “No one will ever know you better than yourself. No else should have the power to define you more than yourself. Seeking approval from others allows them dominion over your identity.”

  3. “Often, our biggest obstacle in life is simply ourselves.”

  4. “In 90 years you’ll be dead anyways, what do you really have to lose?”

  5. “Money is a made up concept, but everyone’s playing along.”

  6. “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and celebrate your evolution.”

  7. “I try my best never to play victim because there’s no empowerment in feeling like one.”

  8. “There’s no such thing as normal. You are who you are.”

  9. “Don’t bind yourself by the expectation of others; it’s not their story to write.”

  10. “Don’t act like you’re better than anyone and don’t act like anyone is better than you.”


Want to read more? Find Humble on Twitter Facebook , YouTube, Instagram and his website.

Just call me Freud because I can decipher your thoughts…

  1. “We should do lunch sometime”

I wouldn’t dine with you if I hadn’t eaten for twenty-three days straight and Gordon Ramsay himself prepared the meal.

  1. “We should do drinks”

This is an empty gesture, as I have no interest in having a drink with you. Not now, not ever.

  1. “I love your hair”

Oh God! What have you done to your somewhat acceptable hair? Change it back immediately.

  1. “That baby is so cute!”

That baby is hideous. Evolutionary theory suggests that a child is the best possible combination of parental genes, what a DNA pool of shit.

  1. “Sorry I missed your call”

I watched your incoming call ring out and slip into the murky world of voicemail. Please stop calling me, I don’t actually like you.

  1. “I’m like 5 minutes away”

I am on the other side of the country and I have no intention of keeping our meeting. I will feed you this excuse until you get the message.

  1. “I don’t really miss him/her anymore…”

I cry myself to sleep over the loss of what may be the love of my life.

  1. “No worries”

It’s time to start panicking. In fact I think I’ve already had a mini heart attack.

  1. “It’s cool, seriously”

It’s not cool, and I hate you with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

      10. “LOL”

I didn’t laugh once. Seriously, not even a smirk. Your comedic efforts fail to impress me.

11. “I’m just popping out for one drink” 

I plan on drinking until I am forcibly removed from the premises. Preferably with a stolen coaster dashed in my underwear.

     12. “I’ve got such a jam-packed weekend ahead”

I don’t plan on showering as I am too consumed by a Netflix marathon.

     13. “I had one too many last night”

I positively drank enough alcohol that I am breathing out toxic fumes, I may be turning into a dragon.

     14. “Lets leave that for now”

Lets never revisit this topic again.

     15. “I cannot wait!”

Please don’t make me participate. I just want to sit on the sofa with a plate of melted cheese and Netflix at my disposal.

     16. “These things happen”

These things happen because you’re a buffoon and caused them to happen. They only ever happen to you, or around you.

     17. “Make yourself at home”

I have installed secret cameras and counted how many bags of Doritos I have. You are being watched and judged.

   18. “No thanks, I’m on a diet”

I am waiting for you to turn your back so I can eat everything in sight. Judge me, judge me harder.

     19. “I’ve got a headache coming on”

I am in perfect health; I just cannot be bothered for your bullshit.

 20. “I’m having the best time ever”

I have never been more miserable in my entire life.

…aka your QLC dah-ling.

Welcome to your QLC, a shitty time where you don’t really quite know what is going on, and you’re trying pretty hard to at least pretend like you are a functioning adult with a job whilst wishing you could spend every weekend in bed watching Rugrats, Hey Arnold and of course Doug.

We’ve all heard of the mid-life crisis and we’ve seen the typical image of someone around about your dad’s age losing their shit and buying a Ferrari to deal with getting older. The QLC takes on a far more pitiful appearance as chances are you probably don’t have enough money to make yourself feel better with a Ferrari, but just enough pennies to stretch to a litre of Glen’s Vodka, Smirnoff or Grey Goose depending on how shitty your state really is.

So here’s a list of thoughts I bet you’ve had during your mini breakdown. It’s all good, we’ve all been there.

1. So erm…is this it?

2. Why are my *insert body object* starting to sag? This shouldn’t happen until I’m at least 30.

3. Should I freeze my eggs?/ Freeze my sperm?

4. Should I move to China? 

5. Why is everyone moving to Australia? Should I just go there instead?

6. What is up with my job…maybe I should quit and volunteer somewhere instead.

7. I should totally go on Big Brother/ X Factor/ Britain’s Got Talent.

8. Oh fuck! I’m not talented enough.

9. How is *random peer/associate/colleague/someone you stalk on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram* so successful at my age?

10. Seriously though…what is up with my job?

11. I bet I could go somewhere like the Amazon jungle and just live there without having to worry about rent.

12. I should go to *random EU country with a beach* and become a travel rep.

13. Am I too old for Topshop/Topman?

14. What’s a pension plan?

15. Why does no-one understand just why the 90s were so amazing?

16. Why are hangovers so bad now?

17. Who decided that we should have to work anyways? *starts researching hippy communes*

18. I wonder if I’ll ever know what I’m doing…

19. Why are all the cool jobs the unpaid ones?

20. Seriously…is this it?

So the good news is that (apparently) it all works itself out, and you leave that awkward mini adult stage and become an actual functioning member of society. Bad news is that it takes time, tears and possibly a few impulse decisions, and a lot of sitting around muttering ‘what the fuck’ until you sort it out.

p.s no-one is ever too old for Topshop/Topman or too successful for a good bottle of Glen’s Vodka.


 Because nobody likes Monday. 

  1. FUCK! It’s Monday. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!
  2. Maybe I’ll just hit the snooze button and pretend for 5 minutes its still Sunday again?
  3. If I snooze for another 5 I won’t have time for make up – but with the extra time in bed I’ll look so good that I won’t even need it.
  4. I wonder if I can sneak onto the bus/train/tube without buying a ticket?
  5. Can’t wait to read The Metro – erm why does everyone have a copy but me?
  6. Shit! The ticket inspector is here – why didn’t I just buy a ticket?
  7. Eurgh – Monday morning small talk with co-workers exhausts me.
  8. Everyone is staring at me! Should have worn the make up.
  9. *Monday morning self pep talk* – ‘this week will be my most productive yet, watch out corporate structure I’m on my way to the top!
  10. 27 minutes later – scanning Buzzfeed/ Daily Mail/ Topshop ‘new in’ section.
  11. I wonder if Stuart from Finance will bring up the fact that I liked a photo on his Instagram from 17 weeks ago at 4am on Saturday morning?
  12. Goes to Greggs.
  13. Should I get a haircut? I could totally do it myself at home. Maybe I’ll just shave one side of my head?
  14. Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter scan – why is everyone I know travelling around in Australia/ China/ Thailand/ America/ Europe?
  15. I’m a free spirit – I should travel the world.
  16. I could leave right now and go on an escapade worthy of a prize-winning novel.
  17. Checks Sky Scanner *heart breaks*
  18. God, Stuart from Finance is well fit.
  19. Stuart and me should get married.
  20. I wonder what Beyoncé is doing right now?
  21. I wish I were Beyoncé. Then no-one could stare at my make up free face, because obvs ‘I woke up like this #Flawless’.
  22. I fancy some chocolate. Am I on my period? When is my period even due?
  23. I’m totally going to the gym tonight.
  24. Finally work is over!
  25. Lucy has invited me for after work drinks – quick one before the gym will be totes fine.
  26. 11pm – how did it get so late? Where is my jacket?
  27. Better check Stuart’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram before going to bed.
  28. Who the hell is Janice? And why is she in a photo that Stuart uploaded 39 minutes ago with the caption ‘Bae’????
  29. Fuck it, at least Monday is over.
  30. I hate Tuesdays even more.

 To the Class of 2014:

Hi Grads!  You’ve graduated and as everyone keeps telling to you continuously ‘Oh! The places you will go!’ LOL – jk – no one tells you this. But what everybody tells you instead is how shit the economy is (recession bitches), how hard it is to buy a house (a bike shed in London now costs 1 million Roubles – fact) and also how much debt you are in.

But haters gonna’ hate and I’m here to share some wisdom with you all which you can read during your morning viewing of Jezza. I graduated two years ago and it was SHIT. It was shit because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I couldn’t get a job and I ended up in a place I swore I would never go back to – a call centre.

Just a quick note on the call centre, it was working for the NHS. The pay was bollocks, the hours were fucked up and doing the late shift meant having to deal with perverts that would call and blatantly masturbate to any female voice. Winning!

The day of my graduation was a shambles. The mah-oosive robes didn’t flatter my 5ft 2” frame. My weave was itchy. The hat was too big and kept slipping off my head. I found myself gluing on fake eyelashes in the student union toilets, a place typically reserved for vomiting, drunken rambles and breakdowns.

To make it worse (yes it could get worse, and because this is my life and it always does get worse) I was called by the job centre asking me when I could come in to sign on and get me Giro. Not exactly the end of the educational journey that UCAS and The Sunday Times tell you about.

But anyways the struggle was real for a bit, but fast forward two years and I’ve steadily built my career in Marketing progressing from intern to assistant to now a Marketing Co-ordinator for a national beauty brand. So anyways here are some tips that may be useful to you to keep you going and also to fill that void after the news and before 60-minute makeover…

  1. Keep at it.

Landing a job is hard, landing a job you actually want is harder. Some days it will feel ridiculous that you’ve applied for so many jobs and not heard anything back – just keep trying and eventually one will happen for you. Also find anything remotely linked to what sort of job you want to do and purse it – volunteer, blog about it, even ring places and harass them until they notice you. I kept at it and I went from hopeless to a current job that I love, working with a lovely bunch of people.

  1. Ignore self-doubt. And dickheads.

Why let other people tell you that you’re shit when that lovely little voice of self-doubt will do it for you? Don’t be your biggest enemy by getting yourself down. But also don’t let other people make you feel like shit. These people are known dickheads and are identified as someone who will question your choices and your ability, whilst most likely parading their perfect life choices. These people are also known to be direct relations of Hitler, ignore them all at costs, in fact just ignore anyone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself – ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

  1. Ignore the filters and hashtags.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not your friend when it comes to feeling better about yourself. Is it really beneficial to stalk a fellow course mate who can’t just help but brag about how am-azing their new job and fancy lifestyle is? Especially whilst you’re sitting at home wearing odd socks eating jam on toast and listening to your mums latest beef with the next door neighbour? No.

It’s well known that everyone bullshits on social media, because we’re all competing to make out as though life is just plain fucking fantastic. I try to portray myself on Instagram as someone who travels about, parties, tries to eat healthy food and has nice winged eyeliner. Reality? I’m broke because I think it’s acceptable to have at least three holidays a year (no regrets), I party and usually end up a drunken mess with a horrendous hangover regretting my choices and the eating healthy? Ha! I’ve had half a pack of biscuits today and I’m half way to getting myself a Cornetto, mint choc, OBVS.

To cut it short – it’s all bullshit, don’t waste your time by looking at the ‘perfect’ life of someone else, and instead place focus on making yours a reality.

  1. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’.

If you land a job and you don’t like it, or it isn’t what you thought it would, or basically it makes you want to drink at 9.01am on Monday morning don’t be afraid to admit this. Unless you win the lottery a job is something you will be doing for quite a while. I took my first job in Marketing and after two weeks realised I hated the company I worked for, and to this day I’m 99% sure that my Russian boss was part of a mental torture unit of the KGB. My regret? I wish I’d quit sooner.

I’ve learnt that if you do something you hate or settle because you’re too afraid of what will happen if you pass this chance you will be miserable. Do what makes you happy. Unsure? Always think of it in this way – if money was no object would you still be chasing the same dream?

  1. Always wear sunscreen.

Baz Luhrmann – listen to this to cheer up even the darkest days after signing on:

So go ahead and take the big leap – or at least try to pretend to be an actual grown up. Hang in there, deal with the shit and you will be amazed at how far you can go.

Until next time…x

The Conservative Party and British Asians

So you may have seen that this week that I was lucky enough to be featured on Channel 4 News, which can be viewed here. I was discussing why the Conservative party still alienates voters from the British Asian community alongside Conservative Cllr. Rabia Bhatti.

Also a quick awkward snap of me in mid conservation – for those of you who are all about the visuals:

Blog channel 4

Casually chatting with Channel 4’s Jon Snow

I wish I had more time to engage with Cllr. Rabia Bhatti.

I wish I could have asked her how she could sit on a national news discussion and state that there was no elitism in the party, whilst wearing a Chanel scarf and Dolce and Gabbana glasses. Which by the way probably cost more than a fortnightly wage earned by a typical working class person.

I wish I could have asked her how she felt with coming across as a token British Asian in the Conservative party?

And more than anything I wish I could have asked what she really thought about the anti-immigration vans? Surely she had a different opinion to ‘they weren’t nice’ as she stated? No love, they were downright fucking offensive.

I still maintain that an image of elitism and traditionalism is holding the party back from entirely connecting with a British Asian audience. And also the general wider voting population.

After all image matters – especially in politics. Not everybody follows politics very closely, and not everybody examines every single policy before casting their vote.

So what influences votes? Image and quite often who your parents vote for. So let’s look at the image of the Conservatives – rich, posh and old-fashioned. Shit situation, but that’s what it is, and no amount of staged photo trips to India will change that.

Despite promoting values that are in-line with what the majority of British Asian’s are perceived to share – pro-business and pro-family the Conservatives still struggle to capture votes.

So let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that when most Asian families came to the UK they were not wealthy, nor did they all open businesses. Instead their day-to-day life was spent working in factories and foundries in manual labour positions.

No matter the level of success which has now been achieved by British Asian’s over the course of different generations they all ultimately started as members of the working class, hence the loyalty to Labour.

This loyalty to is strong with the older generation, and is a view passed to the younger generation. Labour always looked after them, Labour appealed to their way of life, Labour passed anti-discrimination laws and oh yeah – Labour didn’t ever approve vans to drive around the streets of London asking people if they were in the UK illegally.

Also let’s not forget the legacy left behind by Enoch Powell. Good old Enoch and his eloquent ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech has left a stain in the minds of many – not just British Asians, but also others from ethnic minorities and stands as a symbol (along with ‘are you here illegally’ vans from last year) of the feeling that Conservatives don’t quite like you – unless you are white of course, and super rich.

Think I’m being over dramatic? Well here’s a fun fact – I was blessed enough to be quoted parts of Enoch’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech at length by a former colleague in 2013. In 2013 this speech was still repeated to those from ethnic minorities, so the Conservatives need to do a lot more than embrace a few British Asian Chanel wearing politicians with a sheepish stance on anti-immigration vans to get votes. If they say they are all inclusive then I’m afraid I need to see more proof.

Until next time….x