About me - circle

I’m Taran. I’m 25 and I’m a Blogger and I’m British Asian.

I can be found usually working in Marketing and making plans for world domination.

I enjoy putting words together to discuss important issues such as Feminism (duh), British Asian issues and most recently making lists, because Buzzfeed obvs.

Favourite things include; Breaking Bad, Cheese, Rum (any type) and Idris Elba.

2 Thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Taran, I’ve just seen some of your articles related to chilli sauce found on the Metro and wandered if you’d be interested in either writing a post around our new product (subscription hot sauce), or whether you’d consider writing a few articles for our site?

  2. Hi, Taran!
    You have a beautiful blog, are you open to have a chat about collaboration with new startup? We have a very strong female team of cofounders, that would be awesome to discuss with you our opportunities!
    Thanks and waiting to hear back from you!

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